Web Design & Redesign Website

Building a successful online business is a challenge that everyone faces. Whether you're an owner or manager, it's crucial to juggle multiple tasks and stay up-to-date with the latest information. When I started my own business and created a website, I quickly realized that I was spending most of my time building the website instead of actually running my business. It made me wonder, why do we even need a website? Well, having a website that ranks highly on Google can definitely help sell services and products. But here's the thing, a high ranking doesn't automatically mean profit. Nothing can replace a solid business plan. You need to have clear business goals and a proper understanding of what will truly make your business profitable. And this is where every online business journey begins, whether you're an individual business owner, marketing manager, or entrepreneur. So, start by establishing your business goals and pave the way for success.

Web Place Labcan provide advice and guidance to help you establish your online presence. Our team is here to assist you in building a website that generates leads, whether you are new to the online world or already have an existing website. Below, you can select your business category to get started.

Basic Package

  • Webpage up to 5 pages
  • CMS setup
  • Basic SEO
  • Resposive Website

Mid Plus Package

  • Basic website included
  • Additional 6 pages
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL (1st year free)
  • Admin and user interface

Business Package

  • Include Basic and Mid Plus package
  • Unlimited pages
  • E-commerce, Shopify, and CMS
  • SEO (6st year free)
  • Website Security
  • Database Setup
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Adding 6 item per months for free